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Comedy, Ages 5-8, 13 x 22 Minutes

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Languages: Arabic, English, Hindi, Persian

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Being from an unpopular country, naturally insecure or picked-on can make the life of any 9-year-old complicated.

Meet Babak, the self-conscious kid from Iran, Damaris the superstitous bookworm from Cuba, and Sanjay, the bollywood dreamer from Mumbai. Together, they live in Dyver-city, with their friends Jae, Adele and Sousanne. Mixed Nutz is a comedy about our adventurous heros who learn to be proud of who they are and tackle life together one bully at a time!

Mixed Nutz is currently airing on Shaw Television in Canada and US Public stations on the NETA network such as MiND TV and KCOS13 Texas. Mixed Nutz won the 2011 Youth Media Alliance Canada Award of Excellence in Animation, the 2009 Chashama Film Festival Audience Choice Award and participated in the 2008 New York Television Film Festival.