16 Hudson (In Production)
16 Hudson ER
The Bravest Knight
ABC with Kenny G (In Production)
Balloon Girl
1001 Nights
Lili & Lola
Mixed Nutz
Babak and Friends
Judge Jodhi (D)
Galapagos X (D)

ABC series, Ages 3-5

Season 1: 30 x 2 Minutes Complete
Season 2: 30 x 2 Minutes In Pre-Production

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Languages: English, French



When night falls and the humans at 16 Hudson go to bed, grumpy Kensington rounds up his best animal friends and slinks down to the basement boiler room to the local “milk & cookies” jazz club. There, he sings late-night ABC songs to a tapper group of building raccoons, dogs, and cool cats. Won’t you join him?



2021 Leo Awards, 1 nomination (Best Vocal Performance)