1001 Nights Civic and Peace Education Program

2018 WISE Award Recipient

The 1001 Nights Life Skills Civic Education Program (LSCE) is a multi-platform educational entertainment program that uses cartoons to teach 6 to 12-year old children life skills and civic values, including non-violence, human rights, democracy, gender equality and the rule of law, in formal and informal learning environments. The program is based upon a very popular and award-winning animated television series called 1001 Nights, which has aired as commercial entertainment in over 70 countries to a global audience of over 100 million people on premier television networks, including Disney, Cartoon Network, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel and Discovery Kids. In 50 countries, including all those in the MENA, it has been one of the three most popular family programs on television.

Data on Program Impact

White papers

- Promoting Inclusion and Tolerance Using 1001 Nights

Submitted to International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI), 2019 By Shalom M. Fisch (President, MediaKidz Research & Consulting)

- Countering Trauma of Refugees with 1001 Nights Curriculum

Submitted to Journal of International Development, 2020 By Robert Jenkins, Global Chief of Education, UNICEF, and Dr. Lydia Wilson, University of Oxford, Center for Resolution of Intractable Conflict

- 1001 Nights: Using Media to Foster Socioemotional Development

Presented to the International Communication Association, 2018 By Shalom M. Fisch (President, MediaKidz Research & Consulting)

- Building Resilience to Radicalisation in MENA Evidence Session

Testimony to U.K. Parliament, 2016 By Aly Jetha (CEO, Big Bad Boo)

- Pedagogical Approach of 1001 Nights Curriculum

Submitted as Independent White Paper By Shalom M. Fisch (President, MediaKidz Research & Consulting)

- Independent Analysis of Big Bad Boo’s Business Strategy

Submitted to Journal of Interactions: Studies in Communications & Culture, 2013 By Lindsay Hogan (Assistant Professor, Boston College) and Matt Sienkiewicz (Associate Professor, Boston College)

Video Clips

UNICEF Interview on 1001 Nights   WISE Awards  

Sample Episodes of 1001 Nights

Forbidden City of Shehnzen   Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves   Prince Ahmad  
Princess Rou   What's Yours is Mine   The Merchant and the Pickpocket  

Sample Episodes of Alif Be Peh

Alif Be Peh  

Sample Episodes of Lili & Lola

Thanks But No Thanks  


Judge Jodhi - Trailer
Judge Jodhi/Julia/Jamina - Socializing the Rule of Law
  16 Hudson - Main Title Sequence
Normalizing Inclusion
  The Bravest Knight - Trailer
Normalizing LGBTQI+