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About Us

Big Bad Boo Productions is a premier animation company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Our state of the art 2D animation facility, Big Bad Boo Studios is located in Vancouver’s hip and beautiful Yaletown district and is the largest Toon Boom studio in Western Canada.

Big Bad Boo Studios is the production arm of the company and provides a full range of animation production services for both Big Bad Boo properties and as a co-producer for partners around the world.

The creative team at Big Bad Boo is entrepreneurial, energetic and very accomplished in business and the creative world. Our team of producers, writers and directors have worked on some of the most coveted properties in the animation world, including Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Bat Man, Being Ian, Yvonne of the Yukon and a host of others.

As a Canadian producer of animation, Big Bad Boo is not only very good at creating products, but it also offers the ability to leverage Canadian and provincial government tax credits, enabling it to co-finance productions at competitive rates.